Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nordic Knit iPhone Case

How about a sweater for your iPhone?  Well, not really a sweater, but a fun simulated Nordic Knit, maybe.  I originally had this in mind for some of Spoonflower's cotton knit and I hope to get back to that idea, but in the middle of designing, this seemed to want to be an iPhone Case design.  This is one of those designs that just seems to make any day less monotonous and more like a little party, each time you would use your phone.

Listed at Society 6..............drop in and browse around, I have a few others that might appeal also.

Nordic Knit iPhone Case

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gardenia Daydream iPhone Case


It is spring where we live, but I thought this case would be a way to have spring all year long.
The Society 6 Shop placed this design in the Shop.

I would imagine a bride could give this as bridesmaid's gifts.

Society 6 is offering free shipping until Sunday.

That is a five dollar savings per phone.  
Imagine if you were ordering a bundle of them 
for gifts or bridesmaids gifts, you could save quite a bit.  

If mom is an iPhone user, it would be a great Mother's Day surprise too.

I've also loaded a few new ones.  I have a new purple and green chevron in spring colors.
I have an aqua petite paisley too.
The whole selection is available for viewing here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Phone Case Designing

Several of my previous fabric designs are lending themselves pretty well to phone case designs.  I've loaded a few new ones this past week.

I didn't realize iPhone cases were part of a fashion statement, until I heard from someone this week, about a person that had several cases in order to match different wardrobes.  Here are a few images with a phone case for an elegant night out compared to a different case for a weekend in boots in jeans. 

Another idea that came to mind, was for bridesmaids gifts.  I could envision having cases that would coordinate to a bride's wedding colors and give those as gifts to the wedding attendants.  Maybe even mother of the bride might like one. 

It is a fun way to have a phone become much more personalized.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Designs Taking Off

After a friend mentioned Society 6 to me, I began to think I ought to expand my designs onto other items beyond fabric.  Around the end of the year, I selected a couple of designs that have been popular and loaded them for use as prints, laptop skins, and phone cases.  I was fairly skeptical that people pay $35 for a phone case, but to my surprise, when I checked in two months later, I found that I had sold over 60.  So I decided to set up a few new files this they are if you'd like to take a look.

I have several other designs as well................

Stop by if you get a chance................(copy the link below and paste into the browser to check out the rest).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes the creative bug bites..............well......more often than not, for me it seems.

From a surface design standpoint, I am trying to do those things that stand out from the crowd.  Creating designs that are different yet still eyecatching and beautiful, seems to be the trail I'm seeking.  I have been experimenting with adding texture to some of my latest designs.

Here are some of the latest chevron prints I've been working on.  I have a few others waiting to proof.

These designs bring to mind the Southwest.  The first one is titled Morning Sky.

The last image is a large scale version of the design titled Sizzle.  I've posted a smaller scale of this design
in the photos above.

For a look at more of my surface designs, here is a link to my Photostream.............

Waiting to be discovered............until then I'll happily drench myself in these colorful fabrics.